Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pandora Documentary - Term 3, Week 5 & 6

Thanks to the Literacy Shed's Sci-Fi Shed  for this great idea.

Writing Ideas:

  • Write a non-chronological report about Pandora or one of the creatures who live there. 
  • Write an explanation or set of instructions 'How to Care For...'   How to care for one of the creatures from the clip. 
  • Write a narrative set on the planet. 
  • Write a diary entry for an astronaut landing on the planet, describing the journey, landing, meeting the inhabitants etc. 
  • Design a space vehicle for landing on the planet, what special tools would it need?
  • Saturday, 25 July 2015

    Term 3 Week 3 - Light Show

    Here's the prompt for this week team. Let's see what interesting writing you can do around this. Good luck!

    Wednesday, 15 July 2015

    No Ordinary Planet- Week 1 & 2 Term 3

    Welcome back writers to tremendous, tantalising, and terrific Term 3. Now there's a tongue twister for you! Your first mission for the term is to write exactly 100 words that contain the sentence...

    This was no ordinary planet!

    Free photo by Pixabay

    Thursday, 2 July 2015

    Holiday Edition: 'Kids should get longer holidays'

    Oh no... no 100 word challenge in the holidays you thought? Yea right! The time has come to take this challenge one... step... further... introducing the 100 Word Challenge: Holiday Edition.

    This time the challenge is to write a persuasive piece on the topic:

    'Kids should get longer holidays'

    But wait there's more: While you have 100 words to argue your opinion, so too do your parents (or grandparents) they also must share their side of the debate in 100 words. Who will be more convincing? There's only one way to find out... 

    (get writing!) 

    Saturday, 27 June 2015

    Wild Waters - Week 11, Term 2

    Hello again writers! This week I thought I would put a little twist on our 100 word challenge. This week you need to write your 100 word challenge with the help of a family member. You can still write in any style but it must be written by you and a member of your family. The winners will be announced on Fridays assembly due to the end of term. Happy writing!

    (Image from Bradford Moor Primary School)

    Saturday, 20 June 2015

    Winter Haiku Challenge- Wk 10 Term 2

    Welcome everybody to the first ever haiku challenge. Haiku are traditional Japanese poems which are often used to write about the change in seasons. They always have 17 syllables.
    Your mission is to write a three line haiku poem about WINTER.
    Follow this layout...
    Line 1: 5 syllables e.g. jack / et / keep / ing / warm
    Line 2: 7 syllables e.g. freez / ing / cold / skat / ing / on / ice
    Line 3: 5 syllables e.g. gloves / mak / ing / snow / men

    (Hint: clap out the syllables if you are unsure)

    Saturday, 6 June 2015

    Mystery Shack - Term 2 Week 8

    Right team, are you ready for Week 8 of our 100 word challenge? This week I have chosen a picture prompt that I have used with a class in the past (some of which you might have been in!). I was really impressed with the enthusiasm they showed and the amazing writing that came from them so I hope I see the same from Team Sprint. Remember to always think about your audience when you are writing and let them hear what you want to say!
    Happy writing Sprinters - Rachel

    (Image from